A Planner to Empower You

To Inspire You

To Reach Your Goals

To Help You Learn

What is the LIVVIT Planner?

LIVVIT stands for taking control of your journey. Directing your own life, rather than just letting it happen to you.

We created a planner which helps you be accountable for what you say you want to do, and allows you the flexibility to also plan it how you feel best, whilst trying to instil the right habits in you.

How Can we Empower You?

Setting Better Goals

Set Better Goals

Inspire you Every Single Day

Being Inspired by Interviews
Helping you Overcome Obstacles

Help You Learn

Build Better Habits

Build Better Habits
Planning your week

Plan with Minimalism

what do people think?

The interviews, stories and inspiration are things I go back to when I feel demotivated. 

Dilpreet A, Lawyer & Entreprenuer

The actionable guides boil years of psychological research down to tangible advice, and the goals contract increases accountability.

Abby B, NYU's Motivation Lab

I love how it forces you to pick up really good habits and it becomes a great staple to help manage my weekly plan.

Shaun M, Artist & Fitness Guru