Is Your Phone Holding You Back?

If you’re on your phone right now, kinda half proves my point.

We use our phones for everything, literally everything. We can use them to plan when our kettle goes on, to finding out what our future kid will look like with our dog… there is no limit to what we can do with our phones.

So it makes sense for us to use our phones to plan our time and goals right? Hell Nah.

You have so much more in you if you leave that priority to a distraction free zone.

First of all, No, I’m not just a random dude or elder member in your family barking at you to get off your damn phone and enjoy the world.. I’m someone who has been through this, I’ve tried every planning app under the sun and have reverted to using paper planners, and took that one step further, to create my own planner. So let me save you some time and show you what pitfalls to avoid.

“A smart man learns from his own mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” — Charlamagne Tha God

Notifications Everywhere

I said it before, and I will say it again, phones are limitless but with every great power comes great responsibility. That responsibility is with us on how we choose to use our phone. We are constantly being bombarded with messages, calls, social media DMs or being tagged in cat memes. It’s a place where we are social, talk to our friends, manage our finances, shop and countless other things.

So for all these reasons, why should it also be the place where we plan arguably, the most important thing that we have.. our time.

With the unlimited resources we have around us, we as humans have more potential than ever to be whatever we want to be. Trying to manage that difficult task of what we do with our time here on earth, on a device that is bombarding us with notifications left, right and centre, is extremely difficult.

When I tried to plan goals and my priorities of the week on my phone, I almost certainly did not pay the right attention to it; I had an ADD mentality when it came to my phone, where whatever my thought process was on this — it needed to be quick. This isn’t the approach we should be taking to set our goals for the week or to manage our time.

What’s worse is that because there are so many distractions on our phone, it is so easy to let this slip. I bet you can think of at least one app be it a fitness tracker or whatever, where you’ve started with the best intentions, but it’s slowly slipped away. And to be honest, it’s not always entirely your fault, the distractions in our phone make it 10x harder to remember when we should be inputting information.

Or when we are paying attention to it, we’re receiving messages in the background, or our favourite songs are playing too. Some of the most dedicated people in the gym, don’t have phone trackers, they make fitness a sole priority, leave their phone in their locker and track using a notepad.

It’s this mentality we should be taking with our life, and it’s holding us back.


The biggest drawback I hear about using a paper planner is also its single greatest strength. The fact that once you write something in it, you can’t remove it like you can on your phone.

When we write goals down on our phone, it’s so easy to delete them and change them to a later date or goal that’s easier. But if we really want something to happen, it can’t be erasable because we should go through the act of crossing it out and rewriting, knowing that we didn’t achieve it.

In the words of Denzel, by consistently seeing you are falling short of what you plan, use it as motivation to commit to your goals as you move forward — ‘Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight’.

Writing on a paper planner will mean everything we write be it a plan or a goal, becomes a mini self-affirmation and makes it that much harder to back out of. It helps us strive to achieve want we really want deep down.

Ultimately, we have so much we can achieve if we choose to use a paper planner to manage our time and goals. It’s distraction free, allows for a period of mindfulness longing in this instant world and can be that place where we reflect on what we’ve done while pushing us on our future dreams.

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